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Latest NHL Trade Rumors And News For Fans

A good hockey blog will always include the latest NHL trade rumors and news with a couple of interesting facts thrown in. In this case, we’ll look at a few of the newest rumors that have surfaced in recent days and how it relates to this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

One thing you want to be aware of when it comes to NHL trade rumors and news is that these reports are usually coming from well-placed sources. These sources have an incentive to say all kinds of things in order to get your attention. Whether that’s to keep you updated on what is happening or to keep other teams interested in acquiring your player, the goal is always the same: to make you a fan. You can expect more than the usual blabber from them in order to do so.

One of the most popular topics surrounding NHL trade rumors and news of this nature centers around St. Louis Blues forward Scottie Upshall. The Blues acquired Upshall from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for their number one pick in the upcoming draft. While some might think this was an easy decision, it has left Blues fans wondering just how much better they can make the playoffs this season.

With their superstar winger now locked into their lineup, Blues management is hoping to move on from him in the near future in hopes of acquiring a top-line talent to help them make another run at the Stanley Cup. The addition of Scottie Upshall to their roster has been touted as a key piece to their playoff success this year, but there have been a few trade rumors that have popped up in recent days.

One of those trade rumors is centered around former first-round draft pick Martin Havlat. He has been traded to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for second-round picks this season and next. It’s not uncommon for teams to acquire a player or two in return for these picks, but they don’t usually receive top picks in the process. It appears that the Blues are in a unique situation to make a big move in the upcoming days, as they have a lot of young players and only a couple of first round picks this year.

It’s always nice to see all of the latest NHL trade rumors and news being discussed so let us know if there is anything new on this front. This could be the start of a big trade that will dramatically affect this year’s playoff race. Keep checking back here for more news.