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Is there any real proof that the NHL Trade Rumors is real? The answer is no. However, there are many things that they seem to be saying on this site, but how reliable are they really?

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Let’s go through a few of the rumors and see if there is any truth to them. First up is this: “I’m told by an anonymous source that St. Louis is trying to move their entire defense, including Chris Pronger. He would like to have a good starting goalie, but they don’t have one at the moment.”

OK, first, let’s take a look at Pronger. I know the situation isn’t as good for him as it was last year, when he had back surgery. Still, he is very good in goal and any team would love to have him. There is no reason to believe that the Blues will move him and it appears they have traded him to Carolina as well.

So, what about the rumor that the Blues are trying to move Pronger? Well, if you ask my source, he says he doesn’t think the Blues are trying to move the defenseman and doesn’t understand why this rumor is floating around. Obviously, that is just speculation on my part.

As far as the rumors for the other Blues defensemen, I have heard that both Kimmo Timonen and Danault are on the trade block. Of course, each of those two guys has had their share of injuries over the years and have seen their production decrease. Again, it seems that all of these rumors are just trying to create some buzz and move the price of the player up or down.

Also, as far as the rumor that the Blues are trying to move Pronger, well, if they really were, then they would already have done so. As long as there is no suitable starter available in the NHL, then a trade of that magnitude will not happen. It doesn’t make sense for the Blues to move a defenseman who is still effective at what he does. If they wanted to upgrade, they should have traded for one.

Although, that is exactly what the Sabres did and it wasn’t pretty. That’s why I would just try to stay away from these latest NHL Trade Rumors. They are just so simple to point out flaws in, and they leave out so much information that could actually provide you with solid information.

If you want to get into the Latest NHL Trade Rumors, then it is very possible that you can simply check out the past articles for yourself and you’ll see where the rumors come from. Just make sure you take a look at my previous articles and I think you’ll find that I really do write them with a fan in mind.