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In hockey, you have two kinds of hockey players – those who are first ruckus and then those who waited until the last minute. This is very well known.

If you can find yourself in that last category of NHL players, what are your thoughts and feelings about it? Are you upset that there is a deadline on hockey in the NHL?

What does it mean to you if the news is coming just after the trade deadline? Do you think it is just a coincidence or that you’re not aware of the news that’s just started being made?

What’s the attitude of players who are in that second category of NHL players? You have to think that they could see that they might lose their jobs if they didn’t have the next few games ahead of them to score.

What is this attitude of players who are in the third category? Do they want to make sure that they will get their next job if the news is true?

Should the hockey fans take care of hockey like they want it to be or should it be the right of the NHL players to make trades when the time comes when the trade deadline has already been announced? What are your thoughts on it?

These are some of the things that I can think of, but what do you think about the trade deadline news? If you’re a fan of any team or if you are thinking of making a career in hockey, you have to know what kind of news is coming out of there.