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Every season there is a season that dominates the media and the focus of the general public when it comes to the NHL trade deadline, with most of the rest of the discussion centered around the “leaks” – but it’s the “latest nhl trade news” that is the hottest item this season. Since so much time and so much thought are invested in the decision making of NHL GMs at the trade deadline, the latest NHL trade news is of great interest to the rank and file fans who make up the majority of the fan base.

A great way to keep track of the ongoing discussions on all of the hot NHL trade rumours is by following the links found on the hockey web sites. You can get an honest and fair assessment of what’s going on, from the same people who are speaking directly to you.

These web sites that offer this kind of service can provide you with breaking NHL hockey trades from all around the league as well as some off the record insider information on each one. The following NHL trade rumors will be discussed below:

This is a story that has been going around for quite some time now. It doesn’t look good for the Vancouver Canucks fans. Now they must hope that the rumor is false, since it seems that these rumors tend to follow the Canucks down the stretch. With the Sedins out of the lineup for the rest of the season, the Canucks would be well served if they could somehow get away with having Jake Virtanen in their lineup at center.

With all of the lockout talk and speculation around the NHL trade deadline, the “latest nhl trade news” that is being shared by various hockey web sites is one that would make any hockey player want to bolt to the other side of the Atlantic. The Sabres are “pushing hard” to acquire Jarome Iginla from the Flames as part of the trade package that they are trying to get. With the Sabreslooking to tank for the playoffs, Iginla, who scored a career-high 44 goals for the Flames last season, may be just the kind of scoring punch that the Sabres have been waiting for.

Another name that keeps showing up in the pages of the “latest nhl trade news” is that of Zach Parise. He is going nowhere and will not be moved from Minnesota any time soon. There have been no talks of a trade between the Wild and the Wilders. Even though the Wild will soon have only four defencemen plays, the club isn’t dealing Parise just yet.

One of the most well known names in the “latest nhl trade news” is that of the Islanders’ captain, John Tavares. He has turned down the team’s trade request that was put forth by the franchise earlier this season and the NHL trade deadline is quickly approaching.

With the “latest nhl trade news” that has come out of the industry this season, there are plenty of current and former stars calling for the trade deadline to be pushed back to the summer. Most NHL teams have already made their decision on what they want to do this season, so why drag it out any longer than necessary? After all, a shortened season that doesn’t end until well into September could be disastrous for all NHL clubs, and also for the players.